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Period Petals

Period petals, also known as interlabial pads, are that AHH-mazing feminine item that every woman should have in their reusable menstrual stash. If you spot before or after your period, have light incontinence, regular discharge, want to stop channeling (when the blood flows from front to back), control the 'gush' (ladies we all know what the gush means lol), extra protection, whatever the reason, you will love these little period petals.


Note: Fabric will be selected at random and may not be the same pattern as shown in the listing images.


**If you live in West Rouge, Scarborough, select the local pick up option before you check out.
**Local pick up is available for West Rouge residents only!

Period Petals

PriceFrom C$7.50
  • They can be rolled and folded the way that suits your comfort and are worn in between the labia or flat on your underwear as a barrier layer.

    **They are very comfortable so you may tend to forget that your wearing one. Being so small, they can easily drop into the toilet, don't forget to remove it before sitting down.**

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