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First Pantyliner Free!

That's right! FREE! 


I'm that certain you will love the comfort of fabric cloth pads that I am gifting your first one free. 


  • Fabric and print will be chosen at random


Reusable cloth pads are made to last up to five years with proper care. They help you reduce your impact on the environment and are free from irritating materials, so you can avoid unnecessary exposure to the synthetic ingredients found in disposable pads and tampons. 


The outer layer is made of patterned fabric. The layer against the skin is made of solid fabric.


Please note:

  • Only cloth pads made with PUL are waterproof. Therefore, all other pads can leak if not changed appropriately.


**If you live in West Rouge, Scarborough, select the local pick up option before you check out.
**Local pick up is available for West Rouge residents only!


First Pantyliner Free!

C$12.50 Regular Price
C$0.00Sale Price
  • Size:

    • 6 inches


    • Two inner layers of cotton flannel

    Pantyliners are good for spotting and light incontinence.

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